When you buy an iDBeads set, you get 6 iDBeads of different shapes in randomized colors. You can choose from faceted or rounded designs. We recommend that you purchase both for even more design possibilities.  iDBeads are specifically made for either charging cables or for Apple EarPods.

Stop the squabbling

As small as they may be, iDBeads hold the key to solving a big household problem! With almost endless combination possibilities, interchangeable iDBeads allow everyone to uniquely identify their chargers and earphones say goodbye to swiping and confusion.

Give your cables Personality

Young or old, male or female, iDBeads come in enough shapes and colors to allow you to arrange them in a way that reflects your personality or style. iDBeads can be arranged to match your style, clothing, environment or even your line of work. Make a statement ! Take a look at all the ideas people are putting on the web.

Identify your cables

With endless combinations of bright colors and original shapes, iDBeads allow you to quickly identify your headphones or charging cables. Create your own unique combinations, they fit snuggly so you can keep an eye on your phone or charger essentials!

Endless Design Possibilities

Colorful and interchangeable, iDBeads offer endless design possibilities to personalize and recognize headphones and USB cables everywhere you go. Each package contains 6 iDBeads.

The Perfect Gift !

Giving iDBeads to your friends and loved ones is the best way to offer them peace of mind… and maybe for you as well!

Not only do they help everyone keep their cables to themselves, iDBeads also provide endless design possibilities reflecting everyone’s unique personality.

Corporate Gifts

iDBeads makes a distinguished, affordable and appropriate gift. See our Bulk Order page for our special offer ! Place your order today to avoid the rush.

When Traveling

Have you ever forgotten your charger in your hotel room or left your headphones behind at a friend’s house, school or gym ? Well you’re not alone! Let’s face it, a white cable just doesn’t stand out next to a bed’s white sheets or against white-colored walls!

With iDBeads on your cables, you’ll easily keep an eye on them and they’ll readily stand out when it’s time to leave.

Share your designs

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Be the Artist – Give your cables Personality

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