Merchandise Exchange and Reimbursement Policy

All sales are final. If you received a product that you believe is damaged or defective, please report it to our Customer Care within five (5) business days of receipt of the products at with your order number and SKU of damaged of defective product. Ordering of any product for use thereof on equipment for which iDBeads is not intended nor designed nullifies warranty and will not be considered as a reason for return nor exchange.

As product colors are randomized in each package, iDBeads cannot accept returns of product which is claimed not to be in the combination wished for. In such a case we suggest you exchange or trade some of the product with other iDBeads users.

Damaged Products
While we strive to ensure that your purchases are protected well enough to survive shipping, accidents can happen. Inspect the contents of a package as quickly as possible. The sooner damage is reported, the sooner we can help! Once we’re aware of the damage, a member of the Customer Service department will work with you to set up its replacement order.

Depending on the value of the damaged products, we may require that a Freight Damage Claim be initiated to recover and inspect them. Should we need to proceed with a Damage Claim, a member of our Customer Care team will provide you with more information about the process and instruct you how to proceed.

Missing Products or Parts
If you can’t find a part of your order and think it’s missing, first check the packing slip included with the box or shipping parcel to verify that it should have been in the shipping package. We may simply have split an order into multiple shipments to better protect your purchase or ensure partial prompt delievery. If an item is missing and you have received all of the packages on your order, please contact the Customer Care at Replacements will be issued if necessary.

Defective Merchandise
If you believe that your iDBeads are defectives, please contact us directly at

Have any questions?
While we hope this page answers all of your questions, it’s possible that something slipped our mind. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we’ve left something out or if you have a question that isn’t addressed here. You can always ask Customer Care a question by sending an email to We do our best to get back to our clients quickly but sometimes that may not be as fast as we’d like. Such cases are usually exceptional – please be patient we’re just working hard to please you !