The story behind iDBeads

The iDBeads story is a family story, one we’ll always remember. It starts as a story of constant squabbling between a sister and her brother who would always swipe her iPod charger. Two years ago, during what would have been a usual weekday family dinner, things reached a boiling point with our daughter demanding to have her own personalized charging cable. Since no such thing existed, the whole family had a sudden revelation : why not create personalized cables ? “How hard could it be” we can all remember saying…. Little did we know back then how difficult it would be !

After two years of hard-thinking, designing, hiring then firing a first design firm that produced unsuccessful prototypes, we decided it wasn’t going to an easy ride after all. Bringing a new product to life is really tough…. With our design budget almost gone, we went back to the drawing board. We’d heard that some of the best designs sometime come from people with fresh innovative ideas. So this time around we enlisted the help of a young designer Michael Roy, fresh out of his university’s industrial design program.

Michael made the first prototypes of version 2.0 by sculpting erasers, the kind you have in your pencil case. Turns out the new designs were striking and effective, particularly well-adapted to Apple cables. The success of the prototypes was enough for us to make the decision to go into production! But after months of working out the multiple quirks of making silicone molds, getting the colors just right and then finding the funding, we decided that we would be ready to mass produce and sell online for Christmas 2014.


From the desire to bring peace in our home, we bring you iDBeads so that peace can be yours as well. This Christmas, give peace and empower the people that you love to put some color and style in their lives.
From all the comments we’ve received over the last few months iDBeads will be a hot new product – look out for iDBeads in O Magazine’s online or hard-copy Christmas Gift Guide which appears in early November.

Go ahead – give your cables personality !